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Tag: SPT Strength and stiffness from in situ tests

The content: 1.1 Standard penetration tests (SPT) 1.1.1 Modification of raw SPT values Method A Method B 1.1.2 Relative density 1.1.3 Undrained soil strength vs. SPT N 1.1.4 Friction angle vs. SPT N, Dr, and Ip 1.1.5 Parameters affecting strength 1.2 Cone penetration tests 1.2.1 Undrained shear strength 1.2.2 SPT blow counts using qc 1.3 Soil stiffness 1.4

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Tag: SPT Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Footings Based on SPT Values (N)

Standard Energy Ratio Res Applicable to N Value The effects of field procedures and equipment on the field values of N were discussed in Chapter 9. The empirical correlations established in the USA between N and soil properties indicate the value of N conforms to certain standard energy ratios. Some suggest 70% (Bowles, 1996) and others 60% (Terzaghi et al.,

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