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Tag: Statically Determinate Truss Deflections of Statically Determinate Trusses

In Art. 3.23, the basic concepts of virtual work and specifically the unit-load method are presented. Employing these concepts, this method may be adapted readily to computing the deflection at any panel point (joint) in a truss. Specifically, Eq. (3.113), which equates external virtual work done by a virtual unit load to the corresponding internal virtual work, may be written for a truss

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Tag: Statically Determinate Truss Forces in Statically Determinate Trusses

A convenient method for determining the member forces in a truss is to isolate a portion of the truss. A section should be chosen such that it is possible to determine the forces in the cut members with the equations of equilibrium [Eq. (3. 11) or (3.12)]. Compressive forces act toward the panel point, and tensile forces act away from

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