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Tag: Steel Piles Types of Piles According to Their Composition

Piles may be classified according to their composition as 1. Timber Piles, 2. Concrete Piles, 3. Steel Piles. Timber Piles: Timber piles are made of tree trunks with the branches trimmed off. Such piles shall be of sound quality and free of defects. The length of the pile may be 15 m or more. If greater lengths are required, they

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Tag: Steel Piles Pile Foundations

These foundations are known as deep foundations. A pile is a slender column made of wood, concrete or steel. A pile is either driven into the soil or formed in situ by excavating a hole and then filling it with concrete. A group of piles are driven to the required depth and are capped with R.C.C. slab, over which super

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