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Tag: Stone Freezing and Thawing of Stone

In freezing and thawing tests of 89 different marbles (‘‘Physical and Chemical Tests of Commercial Marbles of U.S.,’’ U.S. National Bureau of Standards Technical Papers, No. 123, Vol. 12), after 30 cycles, 66 marbles showed loss of strength ranging from 1.2 to 62.1% and averaging 12.3% loss. The other 23 marbles showed increases in strength ranging from 0.5 to 43.9% and averaging 11.2% increase.

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Tag: Stone Stone Masonry

Masonry means construction of buildings using building blocks like stone, bricks, concrete blocks etc. Masonry is used for the construction of foundation, plinth, walls and columns. Mortar is the binding material for the building blocks. In this article different types of stone masonry used are explained and points to be observed while supervising stone masonry works are listed. Types of Stone Masonry

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