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Tag: strain energy General Tools for Structural Analysis

For some types of structures, the equilibrium equations are not sufficient to determine the reactions or the internal stresses. These structures are called statically indeterminate. For the analysis of such structures, additional equations must be written on the basis of a knowledge of the elastic deformations. Hence methods of analysis that enable deformations to be evaluated in terms of unknown

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Tag: strain energy Stress and Strain

Structural capacity, or ultimate strength, is that property of a structural member that serves as a measure of is ability to support all potential loads without severe cracking or excessive deformations. To indicate when the limit on load-carrying usefulness has been reached, design specifications for the various structural materials establish allowable unit stresses or design strengths that may not be exceeded under  maximum loading.

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Tag: strain energy Virtual Work and Strain Energy

Consider a body of negligible dimensions subjected to a force F. Any displacement of the body from its original position will create work. Suppose a small displacement s is assumed but does not actually take place. This displacement is called a virtual displacement, and the work W done by force F during the displacement s is called virtual work. Virtual

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