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Tag: Structural Applications Steel Cable for Structural Applications

Steel cables have been used for many years in bridge construction and are occasionally used in building construction for the support of roofs and floors. The types of cables used for these applications are referred to as bridge strand or bridge rope. In this use, bridge is a generic term that denotes a specific type of high-quality strand or rope.

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Tag: Structural Applications Tubing for Structural Applications

Structural tubing is being used more frequently in modern construction (Art. 6.30). It is often preferred to other steel members when resistance to torsion is required and when a smooth, closed section is aesthetically desirable. In addition, structural tubing often may be the economical choice for compression members subjected to moderate to light loads. Square and rectangular tubing is manufactured

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Tag: Structural Applications Steel Sheet and Strip for Structural Applications

Steel sheet and strip are used for many structural applications, including cold-formed members in building construction and the stressed skin of transportation equipment. Mechanical properties of several of the more frequently used sheet steels are presented in Table 1.6. ASTM A570 covers seven strength grades of uncoated, hot-rolled, carbon-steel sheets and strip intended for structural use. A606 covers high-strength, low-alloy,

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