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Tag: Structural Members Adjustment Factors for Structural Members

Design values obtained by the methods described in Art. 10.3 should be multiplied by adjustment factors based on conditions of use, geometry, and stability. The adjustments are cumulative, unless specifically indicated in the following. The adjusted design value Fb for extreme-fiber bending is given by Load Duration Factor Wood has the capacity to carry substantially greater loads for short periods of time

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Tag: Structural Members Types of Structural Members and Supports

Structural members are usually classified according to the principal stresses induced by loads that the members are intended to support. Axial-force members (ties or struts) are those subjected to only tension or compression. A column is a member that may buckle under compressive loads due to its slenderness. Torsion members, or shafts, are those subjected to twisting moment, or torque. A beam supports loads

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