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Tag: Structures Types of Supports for Plane Structures

Supports are used to attach structures to the ground or other bodies, thereby restricting their movements under the action of applied loads. The loads tend to move the structures; but supports prevent the movements by exerting opposing forces, or reactions, to neutralize the e¤ects of loads, thereby keeping the structures in equilibrium. The type of reaction a support exerts on

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Tag: Structures Equilibrium of Structures

A structure is considered to be in equilibrium if, initially at rest, it remains at rest when subjected to a system of forces and couples. If a structure is in equilibrium, then all its members and parts are also in equilibrium. In order for a structure to be in equilibrium, all the forces and couples (including support reactions) acting on

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As discussed in the preceding section, perhaps the most important decision made by a structural engineer in implementing an engineering project is the selection of the type of structure to be used for supporting or transmitting loads. Commonly used structures can be classified into five basic categories, depending on the type of primary stresses that may develop in their members

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