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Tag: subcontractors Construction manager

The owner may engage a construction manager to provide professional construction management services. The construction manager organisation provides advice to the owner regarding construction matters, including cost, schedule, safety, the construction process and other considerations; such advice may be offered throughout the project life cycle or at selected portions thereof. Two types of construction management have evolved (Rubin et al.,

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Tag: subcontractors Difficulties with nominated sub-contractors or suppliers

The use of nominated sub-contractors or nominated suppliers can cause many problems because the engineer cannot interfere in the terms of the subcontract (see Section 15.8). The sub-contractor or supplier may refuse the subcontract because of disagreement with the contractor on liability for damages (see Section 7.8), trade discount and terms of payment, or some extra charge the contractor wants to make for services he

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Tag: subcontractors Relationship between the resident engineer and the contractor’s agent

The RE must not be surprised to find that, on a new job, he is at first treated with considerable circumspection by the agent. He has to be, because one of the unknown factors the contractor has yet to discover which is of considerable importance to him, is what kind of RE will be in charge. The agent will  can daily affect the

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