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Tag: sulfate attack Conclusions on sulfate attack

From the foregoing sections, it will be evident that guidance on measures to minimise the risks of premature degradation of concrete from the different forms of sulfate attack has had to become increasingly complex in recent years. While it must allow for the varied effects of different exposure environments, it must also take account of the complex chemistry of interaction

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Tag: sulfate attack Main mechanisms of thaumasite sulfate attack

Thaumasite can be formed below 15ëC (ideally at 0-5C) by two sets of reactions that are very slow to get going. These reactions are known as the direct route and the woodfordite route (Bensted, 2003a). Note: Woodfordite is the mineral name for the partial solid solution that can arise between ettringite and thaumasite. In the direct route, there is a

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Tag: sulfate attack External sulfate attack involving expansive ettringite formation

The expansive ettringite form of sulfate attack in concrete exposed to aggressive ground is probably the most familiar type that occurs in the field (Bensted, 1981a,b) and was at one time regarded as the only serious phenomenon involved. Indeed sulfate attack was given a formal definition by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) in the 1970s as follows:

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