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Tag: Suspended Bridges Erection of Cable-Suspended Bridges

The ease of erection of suspension bridges is a major factor in their use for long spans. Once the main cables are in position, they furnish a stable working base or platform from which the deck and stiffening truss sections can be raised from floating barges or other equipment below, without the need for auxiliary falsework. For the Severn Bridge, for example, 60-ft box-girder

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Tag: Suspended Bridges Specifications and Loadings for Cable-Suspended Bridges

‘‘Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges,’’ American Association of State Highway and Transportation Engineers (AASHTO), covers ordinary steel bridges, generally with spans less than 500 ft. Specifications of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association (AREMA) for steel railway bridges apply to spans not exceeding 400 ft. There are no standard American specifications for longer spans than these. AASHTO and AREMA specifications, however,

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Tag: Suspended Bridges Classification of Cable-Suspended Bridges

Cable-suspended bridges that rely on very high strength steel cables as major structural elements may be classified as suspension bridges or cable-stayed bridges. The fundamental difference between these two classes is the manner in which the bridge deck is supported by the cables. In suspension bridges, the deck is supported at relatively short intervals by  vertical suspenders, which, in turn,

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