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Tag: Tensile Properties Effect of Strain Rate on Tensile Properties

Tensile properties of structural steels are usually determined at relatively slow strain rates to obtain information appropriate for designing structures subjected to static loads. In the design of structures subjected to high loading rates, such as those caused by impact loads, however, it may be necessary to consider the variation in tensile properties with strain rate. Figure 1.8 shows the

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Tag: Tensile Properties Effect of Cold Work on Tensile Properties

In the fabrication of structures, steel plates and shapes are often formed at room temperatures into desired shapes. These cold-forming operations cause inelastic deformation, since the steel retains its formed shape. To illustrate the general effects of such deformation on strength and ductility, the elemental behavior of a carbon-steel tension specimen subjected to plastic deformation and subsequent tensile reloadings will

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Tag: Tensile Properties Tensile Properties

The tensile properties of steel are generally determined from tension tests on small specimens or coupons in accordance with standard ASTM procedures. The behavior of steels in these tests is closely related to the behavior of structural-steel members under static loads. Because, for structural steels, the yield points and moduli of elasticity determined in tension and compression are nearly the

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