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Tag: Unreinforced Shear Walls Design Steps for Unreinforced Shear Walls

Unreinforced masonry shear walls must be designed for the effects of 1. Gravity loads from self-weight, plus gravity loads from overlying roof or floor levels 2. Moments and shears from in-plane shear loads Actions are shown in Fig. 5.20. Either allowable-stress design or strength design can be used. When strength design is used, the 2008 MSJC Code requires that maximum tensile stresses

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Tag: Unreinforced Shear Walls Basic Behavior of Unreinforced Shear Walls

Box-type structures resist lateral loads as shown in Fig. 5.19. This resistance mechanism involves three steps: • Walls oriented perpendicular to the direction of lateral load transfer those loads to the level of the foundation and the levels of the horizontal diaphragms. The walls are idealized and designed as vertically oriented strips. • The roof and floors act as horizontal

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