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Tag: Water Absorption Reactive polymer matrix composites Water absorption

Reactive polymer matrix composite materials generally have a high resistance to water transmission, although the extent depends very much on their formulation. Over the long-term, slow diffusion may lead to reversible equilibrium moisture contents of up to 10%. Eventually this can lead to the creation of pathways for ingress of deleterious species such as chloride ions, reduction in modulus and

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Tag: Water Absorption Polymer-modified cement, mortar and concrete Durability

Water absorption When comparing PMC of given type produced at constant workability, it is found that the water absorption and permeability are reduced as the p/c is increased and this may be attributed to reduced porosity. However, there is some loss in strength, especially flexural, although this is not usually considered to be of practical significance as strengths are still greater than for unmodified

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Tag: Water Absorption Properties of Bricks

The following are the required properties of good bricks: (i) Colour: Colour should be uniform and bright. (ii) Shape: Bricks should have plane faces. They should have sharp and true right angled corners. (iii) Size: Bricks should be of standard sizes as prescribed by codes. (iv) Texture: They should possess fine, dense and uniform texture. They should not possess fissures, cavities, loose grit and

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