• Photo of Wind Protection

    Wind Protection

    For practical design, wind and earthquakes may be treated as horizontal, or lateral, loads. Although wind and seismic loads may have…

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  • Photo of Aerodynamic Analysis of Cable-Suspended Bridges

    Aerodynamic Analysis of Cable-Suspended Bridges

    The wind-induced failure on November 7, 1940, of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in the state of Washington shocked the engineering profession.…

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  • Photo of Determination of Wind Loads

    Determination of Wind Loads

    Wind loading as described in Art. 9.1 is the basis for design wind loads specified in ‘‘Minimum Design Loads for Buildings…

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  • Photo of Description of Wind Forces

    Description of Wind Forces

    The magnitude and distribution of wind velocity are the key elements in determining wind design forces. Mountainous or highly developed urban…

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  • Wind and Seismic Stresses

    The AISC ASD specification permits allowable stresses due to wind or earthquake forces, acting alone or in combination with dead…

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  • Photo of Wind Loads

    Wind Loads

    Wind loads are randomly applied dynamic loads. The intensity of the wind pressure on the surface of a structure depends on…

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