• Wood Floors

    Both hardwoods and softwoods are used for floors. Hardwoods most commonly used are maple, beech, birch, oak, and pecan. Softwoods are…

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  • Photo of Wood Facades

    Wood Facades

    Wood is often applied on low buildings as an exterior finish in the form of siding, shingles, half timbers, or plywood…

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  • Photo of Engineered Glued Wood Products

    Engineered Glued Wood Products

    These products, which include glued-laminated timber, prefabricated wood I joists, and structural composite lumber (SCL), are used extensively in residential and nonresidential…

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  • Photo of Permanent Wood Foundations

    Permanent Wood Foundations

    Plywood and lumber walls are an alternative to concrete for foundation walls for one-story and multistory houses and other light-frame buildings.…

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  • Photo of Wood-Frame Construction

    Wood-Frame Construction

    This is the predominant method for building single- and multifamily dwellings. Wood-frame buildings can be erected speedily and are economical…

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  • Photo of Wood Trusses

    Wood Trusses

    Used in all forms of building construction for centuries, wood trusses have appeared in a wide variety of forms. They utilized…

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  • Photo of Wood Screws

    Wood Screws

    The ‘‘National Design Specification for Wood Construction’’ contains design provisions and design values for wood screws that conform to ANSI/ASME Standard B18.6.1.…

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  • Structural Grading of Wood

    Strength properties of wood are closely related to moisture content and specific gravity. Therefore, data on strength properties should be accompanied…

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