Masonry Structural design

Example of Strength Design of a Single-Wythe Panel Wall Using Hollow Units, Fully Grouted

Check the design of the panel wall of Sec. 5.1.3 for a wind load w of 20 lb/ft2, using PCL mortar, Type N, and assuming hollow units, fully grouted. As in the example of Sec. 5.1.3, assume vertically spanning, simply supported strips. Calculate the maximum bending moment and corresponding flexural tensile stress in a strip 12-in. wide, with a nominal thickness of 8 in.:

The calculated flexural tensile stress, 26.4 lb/in.2, is less than the modulus of rupture normal to bed joints for fully grouted hollow units and Type N PCL mortar (150 lb/in.2), reduced by a strength-reduction factor of 0.6 (90 lb/in.2). The design is therefore satisfactory.

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