• Photo of Built-Up Sections

    Built-Up Sections

    These are members made up by a fabricator from two or more standard sections. Examples of common built-up sections are shown…

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  • Rolled Sections

    Hot-rolled sections produced by rolling mills and delivered to the fabricator include the following designations: W shapes, wide-flange shapes with essentially…

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  • Photo of Shop Preassembly

    Shop Preassembly

    When the principal operations on a main member, such as punching, drilling, and cutting, are completed, and when the detail pieces…

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  • Camber

    Camber is a curvature built into a member or structure so that when it is loaded, it deflects to a desired…

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  • Welding

    Use of welding in fabrication of structural steel for buildings and bridges is governed by one or more of the following:…

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  • Bolting

    Most field connections are made by bolting, either with high-strength bolts (ASTM A325 or A490) or with ordinary machine bolts (A307…

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  • CNC Machines

    Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines that offer increased productivity are used increasingly for punching, cutting, and other operations. Their use can…

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  • Punching and Drilling

    Bolt holes in structural steel are usually produced by punching (within thickness limitations). The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)…

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