Contract conditions used for civil engineering work

—–4.1 Standard conditions of contract
—–4.2 Contract conditions produced by the UK Institution of Civil Engineers
———-(a) ICE Conditions of Contract for Works of Civil Engineering Construction *
———-(b) ICE Conditions for Ground Investigations *
———-(c) ICE Minor Works Conditions *
———-(d) ICE Design and Construct Conditions *
———-(e) ICE Term Version *
———-(f) ICE Engineering and Construction Contract *
———-(g) Partnering Addendum *
—–4.3 Conditions published by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers FIDIC
———-‘Red Book’ Conditions, 4th Edition 1999 New forms *
—–4.4 Other conditions for civil engineering or building work
———-GC/Works/1 – General Conditions of Government Contracts for Building and Civil Engineering Works, Edition 3 (1991) *
———-Joint Contracts Tribunal Conditions *
—–4.5 Conditions mainly for plant and equipment supply
———-I Mech E Model Form *
———-I Mech E/IEE; MF/ *
———-FIDIC 2nd and 3rd Editions: ‘Yellow Book’ *
———-I Chem E ‘Red Book’ Conditions *
———-I Chem E ‘Green Book’ Conditions *
—–4.6 Other associated conditions
———-ACE Forms of Agreement *
———-CECA Sub-contract forms *