Measurement and bills of quantities

—–15.1 Principles of pricing and payment
—–15.2 Methods of measurement for bills of quantities
—–15.3 The ICE standard method of measurement
—–15.4 Problems with classes of work and number of item
—–15.5 Accuracy of quantities: provisional quantitie
—–15.6 Billing of quantities for building work
—–15.7 Some problems of billing
———-Excavation *
———-Working space *
———-Pipelines *
———-Earthwork construction *
———-Concrete *
———-Brickwork *
—–15.8 Use of nominated sub-contractors
—–15.9 Prime cost items
—–15.10 The preliminaries bill and method-related items
———-Temporary works *
———-Items added *
———-Method-related items *
———-Division of items in the preliminaries bill *
———-Problems with Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement *
—–15.11 Adjustment item to the total price
—–15.12 Preamble to bill of quantities
—–15.13 List of principal quantities