Procedures for design and construction

—–2.1 Promoter’s obligations
—–2.2 Importance of feasibility studies
—–2.3 Options for design:
———-(a) Design by promoter or a consultant *
———-(b) Outline designs provided with detailed design by others *
———-(c) Layout design by promoter; detailed design by contractor *
———-(d) Functional specification by promoter: design by contractor *
—–2.4 Options for construction:
———-(a) Direct labour construction *
———-(b) Construction divided into trades *
———-(c) Main civil contractor supplies all ancillary services *
———-(d) Civil contractor constructs; promoter orders plant separately *
———-(e) Civil contractor orders all plant *
———-(f) Plant supplier arranges building design and construction *
—–2.5 Construction using forms of management contracting
———-(a) Construction management *
———-(b) Management contracting *
—–2.6 Design and build procedures and other options
———-(a) Design and build or ‘turn-key’ contracts *
———-(b) Design, build and operate contracts *
———-(c) Engineer, procure and construct contracts *
———-(d) Partnering *
———-(e) ‘Term’ or ‘Serial’ contracting *
—–2.7 Comment on possible arrangements