Site surveys, investigations and layout

—–12.1 Responsibility
—–12.2 Levelling
—–12.3 Plane surveying
—–12.4 Setting out verticality, tunnels and pipelines
—–12.5 Setting out floor levels
—–12.6 Site investigations
—–12.7 Trial pits
—–12.8 Exploratory holes
———-Rotary core drilling *
———-Light cable percussion drilling *
———-Percussion drilling *
—–12.9 Other means of ground investigation
—–12.10 Judging the safe bearing value of a foundation
—–12.11 Testing apparatus for a site soils laboratory
———-For moisture content determinations *
———-For grading analyses of soils *
———-For in situ density test (sand replacement method) *
———-For compaction tests *
—–12.12 Site layout considerations
———-Haulage roads *
———-Planning bulk excavation *
———-Power generators and compressors *
———-Extra land *
———-Main offices *
—–12.13 Temporary works
—–12.14 Work in public roads
—–12.15 Site drainage

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