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The resident engineer’s office records

—–13.1 Records and their importance
—–13.2 The correspondence filing system
———-General files (Series 1–9) *
———-Head office (Series 10–19) *
———-Separate supply contracts and sub-contractors (Series 20–29) *
———-Main contractor (Series 30–39) *
—–13.3 CVIs from contractor and instructions to contractor
—–13.4 Register of drawings
—–13.5 Daily and other progress records
—–13.6 Quantity records
—–13.7 The contractor’s interim payment applications
—–13.8 Authorization of dayworks
—–13.9 Filing system for dayworks sheets
—–13.10 Check of materials on site
—–13.11 Price increase records
—–13.12Supply contract records
—–13.13 Registers of test results
—–13.14 Photographs
—–13.15 Record drawings
—–13.16 Other records

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