Preamble to bill of quantities

There must be a preamble to the bill of quantities in which is stated, among other things, the following:
• the method of measurement used in preparing the bills of quantities;
• if the CESMM is used, the edition which applies and which parts of
sections 1–7 (which cover general instructions, etc.) are to apply;
• the classes or types of work which are not measured in accordance with the CESMM;
• provisions with respect to ‘method-related’ items;
• provisions with respect to any ‘adjustment item’ to the total of billed prices;
• payments to be made in respect of prime cost items;
• the definition of ‘rock’;
• if CESMM is used, identification of bodies of water on or bounding the site;
• if no price is entered against an item that it will be assumed that no payment is to be made under that item.
The provisions with respect to the method-related items inserted by the tenderer may need further amplification added before the contract is awarded, to clarify such matters as the method of payment of such items.